Evolution of Trust


The definitive way for builders to build

Protocol Purposes


Linear Cash Flow protocol ensures stable funds for the Project and reduces risk for the Investor


Milestones used as an assessment tool will keep the Investors at ease and investing


The Investment and Governance pools will ensure that the Project gets the money and the Investor gets the rewards


Every Investor will be able to vote using DAO tokens that represent the weight of the vote. Voting can be used to confirm milestone completion or to approve a proposal for a Project


For Investors

Transparent execution

Constant money flow ensures an organized fundraising process and an honest workflow delivery

Tracking progress

Thanks to milestones the Investor can track the Project's progress and be certain that the Project is heading in the right direction

Controllable investment

By the power of voting The Investor can stop the money flow if they decide the Project does not match the requirements

For Projects

Diversified funds

The Project can be safely and stably carried out because of the several incoming streams from different sources

Understanding investors

The buidl1 platform corroborates trust between the Investor and the Project, increasing the chance of successful funding

Financial allocations

By declaring milestones and their respective financial requirements, the Project guarantees necessary funds for themselves


- Private LaunchPad

- Investment Pool

- Governance Pool

- Voting System

- $DPP token

- Staking System

- Linear Cash Flow


- Public LaunchPad

- Investor Portfolio System

- buidl1 V2

LCF Model